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Iso-Analytical has an active program for the development of stable isotope laboratory standards.
We can currently offer the following stable isotope laboratory standards. For prices and to request
standards please download our Standards Order Request Form for Microsoft Word.

Cat. No. Description Isotope(s) Method of Quantity
IA-R001 Wheat flour 13CV-PDB = -26.43 EA-IRMS 5 g
15NAir = +2.55
IA-R072 Mineral oil 13CV-PDB = -29.27 EA-IRMS 2 g
2HV-SMOW = -148.61
IA-R004 Corn flour 13CV-PDB = -10.99 EA-IRMS 5 g
IA-R005 Beet sugar 13CV-PDB = -26.03 EA-IRMS 2 g
IA-R006 Cane sugar 13CV-PDB = -11.64 EA-IRMS 2 g
IA-R022 Calcium carbonate 13CV-PDB = -28.63 CF-IRMS 0.5 g
18OV-PDB = -22.69
IA-R025 Barium sulphate 34SV-CDT = +8.53 EA-IRMS 0.5 g
IA-R068 Soy protein 13CVPDB = -25.22 EA-IRMS 2 g
15NAir = 0.99
IA-R045 Ammonium sulphate 15NAir = -4.71 EA-IRMS 0.5 g
IA-R055 Water 2HV-SMOW = +843.43 CF-IRMS 25 mL
(enriched - medium) 18OV-SMOW = +108.63
IA-R056 Water 2HV-SMOW = +1701.83 CF-IRMS 25 mL
(enriched - high) 18OV-SMOW = +266.83
IA-R063 Water 2HV-SMOW = +11.26 CF-IRMS 25 mL
(natural - zero point) 18OV-SMOW = -0.41
IA-R064 Water 2HV-SMOW = -98.32 CF-IRMS 25 mL
(natural - mid point) 18OV-SMOW = -12.34
IA-R065 Water 2HV-SMOW = -269.07 CF-IRMS 25 mL
(natural - low point) 18OV-SMOW = -33.57

These standards have been carefully selected and calibrated using our expertise in isotope analysis.
Each has been calibrated by Iso-Analytical and is traceable to an internationally recognized standard.

They are intended for use as laboratory standards to allow routine checking of instrument performance.
As such, they may be used as part of your laboratories quality control procedure. They are not
intended as substitutes to calibration or inter-comparison materials distributed by the IAEA.

If you prefer to have your own laboratory standards calibrated please see our Standard Calibration service.

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