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Detection of Undeclared Addition of Corn Syrup to Apple or Orange Juice

There are significant economic incentives to adulterate apple or orange juice with less expensive sugar solutions, no more so than when poor harvests result in a shortfall in fruit for processing. The simplest method of extending a fruit juice, known to be practiced by less scrupulous people, is to add inexpensive sugar and dilute with water to rebalance the sweetness. Luckily, the addition of inexpensive corn syrup or cane sugar to apple or orange juice can be detected by carbon-13 analysis.

Fruit Juice Carbon-13 Analysis .............. (Catalogue No.: FC32)

See Example Laboratory Report

Our Fruit Juice Carbon-13 Analysis allows detection of undeclared addition of corn syrup, including high fructose corn syrup, to apple or orange juice. It is conducted every week to the standards required by the Association of Official Analytical Chemists (AOAC) Method 981.09 - Carbon ratio mass spectrometric method for detection of corn syrup in apple juice and Method 982.21 - Carbon ratio mass spectrometric method for detection of corn syrup in orange juice.

We require a minimum of 10 ml of apple or orange juice, or 1 gram of concentrate, to be supplied for analysis. Our laboratory reports include carbon-13 content of the juice, as determined by duplicate analysis, and an interpretation of the outcome of the analysis.

For further information on isotope analysis of fruit juice water please Email us or use our quote form.

Also see: Authentication of Fruit Juice Water for the detection of undeclared addition of corn syrup to fruit juice.

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