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  Sulfur  34 / 32S


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Iso-Analytical was established in 2000 by Dr. Ian Begley, Mr. Charles Belanger and Dr. Steven Brookes. All three had extensive experience in stable isotope analysis gained in industry and academia before founding Iso-Analytical. Over the years Iso-Analytical has built a clientele from over 35 Countries across the World and successfully analysed in excess of 300,000 samples.

Dr. Steven Brookes operating Europa Geo 20-20 IRMS

Iso-Analytical is equipped with 6 continuous-flow isotope ratio mass spectrometers interfaced with: 6 elemental analysers for analysis of solid and liquid samples; 3 Gilson gas auto-samplers for analysis of gas and equilibrated samples; 1 GC interface for analysis of C1-C4 hydrocarbons; and 1 dual-inlet with 20 port manifold. In addition, our laboratory is equipped with 4 weighing stations for preparation of solid and liquid samples into capsules and a range of vacuum and distillation lines, freeze driers, ovens and centrifuges to aid sample preparation.

Samples sent to our laboratory are typically analysed and reported within 4-6 weeks by our 7 technical staff, who strive to provide analytical services for the light stable isotopes of the utmost quality and ensure that the needs of our clients are met and surpassed.

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Fruit Juice Water

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