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Expertise in Stable Isotope Analysis

Consultancy Services

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IA offers a confidential and comprehensive consultancy service for both current and new stable isotope applications.


Stable isotope techniques can be used to trace, detect, and evaluate many industrial/commercial processes. The evaluation of food products for adulteration and authentication is a good example where stable isotopes are used on a regular basis.

Our service will provide you with an initial project evaluation, literature search, regular progress reports, on-site consulting, analysis, and detailed final reports. Contact us to discuss your requirements and receive a free project evaluation.

Public Sector

Large research studies such as clinical trials and field experiments can involve a great deal of resources and time. It is therefore critical that the experimental design stage is carried out to high degree of confidence. As well as providing an analysis service, IA can provide you with assistance in these early stages by drawing on our own resources and experience as well as  consultants that we work with.

After providing experimental design and analysis, IA can also offer data interpretation and collaboration in publishing. If you require a full consultancy service or advice along the way, IA can assist you with every step.